Cloudworks Limitations for a global scale deployment


Hi Guys,

I am new to Anaplan Integration. We want to create a standardized design for a deployment which has multiple models based on regions. In the Community it is mentioned that we can have only 500 integrations per tenant is there anyway to increase them.

And also are there any limitations for cloudworks if we want to deploy it in a global scale.

Thanks in advance

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  • Tiffany.Rice

    Hey @yandapalli_akhil - CloudWorks can be a real game changer for organization that seek to have end to end business driven modeling. In my experience integrations were always the stumbling block that required more coordination between those who own the planning models and the more traditional technology functions (aka IT department).

    However, there are likely many considerations when determining the right tool for the job. The 500 limit is certainly one, if you anticipate the need for more than 500 integration calls then in current state this won't be the right choice for you . I'll share a few of my other observations that may help you in your assessment.

    Contemplate the target and source systems as only certain connections are supported. Checkout this decision support app the OEG created to guide that process:

    Security may also be a factor - you will need to understand your companies policies around opening access to their cloud instance as well as the Anaplan tenant role strategy. In Anaplan, the Security Admin is a tenant role that givens you access to setup and edit Cloudworks security, while there is a "restricted" role available this it may not be optimally suited to your CoE's operating structure.

    One final point to consider is your appetite to await further platform releases to improve the security admin experience. There are tons of ideas in the Exchange regarding ways to improve the admin process including simply things like folders/categories, easy filtering/sorting to isolate certain workspaces, etc.