Conditional Boolean to control Integration


I apologise in advance if this idea has already been posted🙂

There should be a possibility to trigger/limit an integration based on a boolean status.
As we currently have the function on the UX where we are able to set up a "conditional Boolean" to run a process this functionality would be useful with integrations as well.

Imagine you have a circular reference, and to keep the data current you need the process to run every 5 to 10 minute, while a higher frequency would potentially be impossible to work with. If there was a Conditional boolean checking to see if all the imported data = source line item data → Then The process would not be needed to run.

I would imagine this would improve work-life for other users inside the model as they would not need to wait for the model to load, decrease the number of times a process is run in total, and potentially allowing end users (depending on use-case) to have a higher frequency of process requests.

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  • I am quite positive it s the first time i see this type of idea... and it s a great one.

    More control over integrations wo welcome

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