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Olek P
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I have multiple versions in my model. (Actual, Budget, Forecast, Scenario 1)

I was wondering about the best way (best practice) of pulling in values for one version, else formula.

For example:

IF version = Budget Then valuex ELSE formula

I was wondering what the actual syntax would look like. I don't know how to make it work.

Question 2,

If I want to do multiple versions I would need an if statement for each version?


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  • willridge
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    If you're using Anaplan Versions then you might be able to use things like ISACTUALVERSION() AND ISCURRENTVERSION for part of the formula, e.g IF ISACTUALVERSION() THEN ACT01.Actual ELSE IF ISCURRENTVERSION() THEN BUD01.Values ELSE PLA01.Current plan values

    Alternatively, you can set up a Version systems module (e.g VER01) where you have a boolean line item for each Version, and do something like IF VER01.Budget? then BUD01.Values ELSE IF VER01.Forecast? THEN PLA01.Current Plan Values, etc etc

    If you're not using Anaplan Versions then please let us know as the solution would be different

  • I did make it work with your second solution there. (The version module) Thank you.

    I am curious as to what another solution would be. Could you elaborate on that point @willridge ? If I was not using Anaplan versions, what would the solution look like?

    Thank you

  • @Olek P the alternative would be to use a list of Versions, where you could use Lookups or mappings in the formulas.

    There's a good article here that explains the options:

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