2.3.10 Activity: Create Demand Forecast Sprint 2

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Hello Everyone

I have a logical question to make sure my approach and formula is correct for demand forecast in question on the LEVEL 2 SPRINT 2 activity .

As we see, we have to create the baseline forecast for the current FY by importing the historic volumes data to the current FY from previous year FY19 data which we have already offseted the values of historic volume data FY19 to current FY20 in DAT03 module as shown below

As we see below I have successfully , OFFSETED the values of FY19 to FY20 by adding new line item for 1st Forecast year

Now as per the question is to create the baseline forecast for the current year, i can just pull the values from the DAT03 module that I've created by offsetting the values for FY20 as shown below

My question is

  1. Is the logic and formula correct for sustainable or its like hardcoding? What happens for 2nd year forecast FY21 ? how it can change or pull data automatically for future years when we calculated for only FY20 in the DAT03 module ? Can anyone help me with the correct formula and logic?
  2. I have a doubt when the hint in the lesson said to use this IF ELSE formula with SYS time settings which i haven't used it here but my data is correct. and also i dont know why we have created 2nd forecast year in SYS week module