Anaplan should provide a learning environment for Workflow functionality

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My understanding is that there is a licensing fee (applied to all non-read-only users within a tenant) that has to be contracted and paid in order to open up the new Workflow functionality.

I don't think this is fair, because how are we (as the Anaplan experts and model builders) to understand the technology to be able to recommend this to our leadership if we are not able to use it?? Why doesn't Anaplan at least offer a sandbox environment with this functionality that is separate from client production environments so that we can LEARN?

I just don't understand. We seriously have to convince our leadership to pay to gain access to the functionality in order to help them understand if they would be willing to pay to deploy this functionality to our end users? That's crazy.

Anaplan, please provide a learning and demo environment for the new Workflow functionality OR just solve this issue and include it in the basic license that everyone already has. It's being marketed as a "very cheap add-on," so … maybe just include it for all current licenses now and then simply bump up the price of licenses at renewal?

Thank you for your consideration.


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  • You and me both @Stacey_Gibbens . Having been on the Early Access program we're one step ahead and so have been able to get over that first step - but even I think that we can do a reasonable enough job using notifications, etc without the need to resort to have a process layer over the top. Which is a real shame because the functionality is really good and would have made a couple of our models slightly more manageable in terms of process wrapper.

  • Brett.Francis
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    Agreed Stacey - personally I think the workflow functionality should be part of the baseline cost. Custom workflow gets the job done but the new native workflow is much better (especially with the machine tasks). Hopefully this can be made available to at least all workspace admin users , as you stated perhaps in a sandbox workspace. Leadership, especially in todays economy will not want to increase spend for something they can't even have demoed to them by their inhouse architect.

    Lastly, the workflow functionality from what I saw in the training is awesome ! the product team nailed it, now just need to get it out into the customers hands.

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