Workaround for Parent Child Relationship for Boolean Lookup

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Hello, I am trying to do a workaround where I am not able to directly map a Parent and Child relationship but the users would want to be able to alert owners of a subsidiary account living in a different territory that they want that subsidiary to follow their HQ account.

A specific example would be: Account 1 HQ has 4 Subsidiary Accounts but the 4 Subsidiary Accounts live in different territories. Due to RBAC constraints and the team not wanting the hierarchy to Territory to Parent to Child but just Territory to All Accounts, I need a workaround so that the DM of the HQ account can check a box off saying that they want all the Subsidiaries to follow HQ to whatever new territory they are going to. I have the box check-off done, but it is the fact that I have two different lists (HQ Accounts and All Accounts) that is making things a bit difficult for me. 

I made a system module mapping table separately where I am able to map the list with All Accounts with their HQ Account. This is the equation I am using for my Test column:

IF Global Ultimate Parent Account ID = 'SYS031: Parent Child Mapping'.Parent Account Code THEN Parent Account Transfer Request?[LOOKUP: 'SYS031: Parent Child Mapping'.'Account Name (List Format)'] ELSE FALSE

The problem with is that, in the example below, the Parent Account Transfer Request? fill out the child accounts boolean in the Test column but it is just checking things off. I have tried to make a separate module that has the Parent Account List as I have successfully been able to use that to get the child booleans checked off, but due to RBAC constraints and that Parent Account List not having the correct hiearchy, it becomes a hassle. Any thoughts from anyone?


  • I am unable to follow the exact hierarchy. Can you explain the parent child relationship of both the HQ Accounts list and the All Accounts list. Also how it relates to the formula

  • @hyunkangs,

    What I understood from the problem that you stated is that Account 1 HQ has 4 subsidiary accounts which belongs to a certain territory. Ask is to give a Boolean at Account level if they want to inherit the Account level territory or want to retain the subsidiary level territory.

    Provided information is limited so i may be wrong but pls explain the requirement like this in excel rather than sharing the formulas and Anaplan screenshots. Understanding the hierarchy/ prototype of the requirement is important.