Allowing to open Archived Model together with the production model


Hello Anaplan Product Team,

This Idea has been generated out of discussion, where we were trying to open the Archived Model and the client was having only one WS, which was full. At that point an Idea generated to allow for opening the Archived Model along with the Production model.

As of Now, Administrator has to archive the current production model to check anything in the Archived/Backup Model and then mark the Archived model as standard to check anything in the Archived Model.

However, there was a situation that an Admin was looking to check something and then Administrator has to perform that process few times. But if it can be allowed to open a Archived model along with the Production Model then that can be great. Even it could be atleast allowed for the administrator, then that could make some life easy for all the model builders.

Let us know your thoughts on this, if this can be taken as an idea on Product development.

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  • Hello @Ashish25Goyal , I see here the issue was because of workspace size. The purpose of Archiving is to make the mode inaccessible. Please use Optimization techniques to reduce model size of other active models to avoid space issues for Production model (in future).



  • you can also have more workspace size to allow 2 models to be opened concurrently.

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