Comments in Formulas and No (or more) Char limit in Module Notes


Formula section should have method to capture "comments" for future ref.

Additionally, Notes section in module/lineitem should have more chars limit than current of 250 chars. Sometimes the need to copy formula in Notes won't meet due to this restriction..

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  • I have raised similar in the past. Years ago i worked with diff tech that allowed a pop-up text to display when a user hovered on a field. This was done using this syntax in the formula cell

    //enter pop-up text

    This can tell user what the code does, where it goes or just a tip specific to that cell.

  • @mhemphill yes, prog languages have such comment marks but not in Anaplan as far as i am aware of.. for your persual..

    Let's support the idea if you would like such functionality should be available..

  • @basketbros, Thanks to you I learned about this problem. Please share more details. I want to do more research using these apps.

  • paulatreides
    edited March 4

    @wordle unlimited You can choose meaningful names for your variables and functions to explain their purpose.

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