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Anyone has tried to do a Anaplan API Python connection? I have an idea that I want to build scenarios in the magnitude of 100,000s. This will not be possible if we are using the inbuilt version page.

My idea is to store the parameters of the 100,000 scenarios in cloud (for example azure) and run it in Anaplan and output it from anaplan to my cloud. Anyone has done something similar before?


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    Please anyone has tried this before?

  • Hi @GAPER,

    If you plan to store data in Azure, any reason why Cloudworks wouldn't work for you? And not using native Anaplan solutions like Optimizer/PlanIQ?

    There are many people connecting to Anaplan API using Python, as there is no official connector (like Anaplan Connect is for Java), they usually write their own or use some examples from community. Here is my implementation: Please feel free to use and enhance (it's FOSS), if you have any questions about usage, check the documentation & examples, or contact me directly.

    About your specific case - know that was a common thing before Anaplan launched Optimizer and later PlanIQ. But as each implementation relied on different model and foundations, I am not sure if you will be able to reuse it.


    Hi Miłosz

    Didn't know about the Optimizer Function but now I am looking at it. Thanks for this! I was originally thinking there would be more flexbility in terms of generating scenarios when it comes to plugging in my own assumptions.

    Definitely will reach out to you more regarding the integration! Great work on the package.

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