Dynamic Aliases for Line Items (and other objects)


We are currently experiencing considerable product complaints from key stakeholders and project owners that need dynamic aliases, and for them to be dynamic (formula driven).

The closest Idea exchange in the community can be found here. Competitor tools like IBM and Oracle, have this capability.

An example of a specific scenarios can be seen on the screenshot below.

The line items have generic names and data can be initialized and changed regularly. Initialization parameters are displayed on the right hand side fields, but Users find this very confusing.

We don’t want to change the line items manually or even through an import process, but we are forced to because this is causing concerns and confusion.

A more robust, scalable and flexible solution is needed. I am creating this idea which is focusing on what I feel is the most important part : Line Items. But this is super beneficial for many other parts, as mentioned in the linked post.

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