Alias Names for Time, Versions, Modules, Line Items and Dashboards

Hi Anaplan,


It would be great for Anaplan to allow users to create alias names for: time, versions, modules, dashboard, list and lineitems. 




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  • Thanks for your idea Usman and for all the kudos! Can you please comment with some reasons why this would be useful for you? 

    What business process is this improving? What problem will this solve?

  • Hi @Rebecca 


    Most of the influence for this functionality comes from a usability and reporting perspectives, not modelling capability.

    Users want greater flexibility in customising anaplan for themselves.


    Some of the uses come from specifications our clients have: 

    - Centre of Excellence Naming conventions versus what some users actually - for example the coding of module names / lists may not be informative to a user in the same way it is to a model builder.

    - Renaming list item names for a to user friendly names instead of codes

    - Renaming the time dimensions to Jan instead of Jan 19 

    - Different Naming conventions for different business functions



  • I would also add that this would allow:

    • language support where structural elements can have different language aliases for different users 
    • More flexible display of list names/code (e.g. Code only, Name only, Name + code, Code + name

    In general extend the display name concept to all structural elements


  • It would certainly be useful to have a unqiue identifer for line items that wasn't it's own name.


    Having a "display name property" for each line item would allow us to duplicate names for line items which would be useful.

  • I +1 this idea.

    Custom Naming for Time would be great as for instance maintaining a multi-language alias names

  • Hi @Miran and @Rebecca ,

    Are there any updates on this ? I believe other tools like TM1 have this type of functionality as default.

    I have seen several use cases where this functionality would really benefit from it.In a more recent process this is causing some "noise" and not so positive feedback from end users on their user adoption journey.

    There are workarounds but this requires, IMHO, extra development and complexities that we would really like to avoid.



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