AM365: Visibility of which Anaplan UX cards are connected to which PowerPoint slides


Please enhance the visibility between Anaplan UX/Cards and the Related PowerPoint slides as follows. The context of this request concerns the case where one populates Anaplan grids onto a PowerPoint, and then updates the cards in each month's PowerPoint (so, refresh the cards / data via AM365). The request is for improved visibility as to which card/filter settings belong to which slide.
In one PowerPoint deck I may have the same Anaplan card 3 times on different slides with different selections. If I only want to update the table on one of the slides, I am not able to see which card I need to refresh to accomplish that.
It would be very helpful if I could select the table on the PowerPoint slide and then somehow see information about which Anaplan UX card is connected. Alternatively, if one could see in Anaplan which PowerPoint slides are connected to a particular card.

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