How can I change my default workspace?


I need to change my default workspace. Currently it is showing a different workspace as my default and I need to change it. I have not come across any helpful solution so far. Please help.
Thanks in advance.



  • Dikshant

    What do you mean by default workspace?

  • PujithaB
    edited March 19

    Hi @Ahan2001

    Do you want to change Default Workspace or Default Tenant?
    A Tenant can consist of so many workspaces and when you login to a particular tenant, you can see all the list of workspaces.

  • Ahan2001

    Hi @PujithaB , yes I mean the default tenant. Sorry.

  • PujithaB

    In this case, Article shared by Srinitya has all the details mentioned by JaredDolich
    Let me know if you find any challenges with it.

  • @Ahan2001

    To change your default workspace you must send a message to and give them the workspaceID of the current default tenant and the workspaceID of the new one you want to move to. You can obtain the workspaceID from the URL when you log in. You will also need permission from the tenant administrator of the new workspace, agreeing to the move.

    Be warned however. Changing your default workspace will likely remove all your page builder access as well as any other permissions granted by the tenant administrator. If you have been removed from the original default workspace before the move is made, you will also most likely be removed from all workspaces and you'll have to start over with each tenant administrator.

    The good news is that Anaplan support is quick once you have the permissions to make the move. Also, changing your default does not impact your community account.

    Good luck. Here's an example of an email I wrote to get my default changed:

    Hi Anaplan Support team.
    I am requesting that my default tenant be changed. I understand that my page builder privileges may be lost due to the switch.
    Current Default Tenant:
    Email:                     Enter your email here
    Workspace ID:              Enter Workspace ID here
    Workspace Name:            Enter your Workspace Name Here
    New Default Tenant:
    Email:                   Enter your email here
    Workspace ID:            Enter your workspace ID here
    Workspace Name:          Enter New workspace Name here