Dependent dropdowns doesn't worked

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Hello everyone,

I'm asking some help.

I have a numbered list "CA0" :

This list has two propreties :

I want to use the propertie "CA2" in a dropdown list.

Here is an example. I create a moudle with two line items : CA0 and CA2

The CA0 line item is formatted like that :

Here is the result, I have all my list :

Can you tell me what the issue could be. I follow this post :


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  • EmilieAst
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    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your answer !

    Everything was as you. I continue to dig and I found that post :

    "Step 2: Create a module and insert two line items. First format it to Flat List and Second Format it to Exhaustive List"

    The first time you're working with the flat list, you need to do the step two in two steps as it is explained in the post. Once you've done it one time it will work even if you do the two steps in one.

    Have a nice day,



  • Dikshant

    CA2 List

    Mapping List

    CA2 is the Driver and Display name is the Filter.

    Module is showing the dependent dropdown correctly. Please revisit and see if anything is missed in your module? Or select CA2 again and then select the dependent dropdown.

  • PujithaB
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    Hi @EmilieAsterigo
    As Dikshant mentioned, Dependent dropdown is working fine. Could you check again and let us know if there is anything missing in your requirement?

  • PujithaB

    EmilieAst, thank you for writing this to understand better.