Session-Time Out period reduced as part of new login screen roll-out?


I'm aware Anaplan has rolled out a new login screen with automatic detection of SSO.

As part of this security release has the session time-out duration reduced by Anaplan?

Because users in my org. report that they're being logged out more frequently and constantly as soon as they navigate to a different window or program .

Is anyone facing a similar issue?


  • SriNitya

    Is anyone facing a similar issue? - I also faced same issue

  • Yehya123

    Thanks for the swift response Nitya.

    Did tou manage to find a fix or It is still happening.

  • Similar thread where others noted the same change in behavior.

    Checkout the comment from CQuonoey - they provide a suggestion to mitigate the more frequent log-on prompts:

  • Yes, us too. Thanks for the information, @Tiffany.Rice

  • We are still facing this issue and tried logging out and re-login but no luck..

  • We are still facing this issue All models, All users and they are being logged out after 5 minutes of inactivity, any way to address of change this time?

  • @Yehya123 - I believe this issue is coming after the Anaplan's last release. After that release, many users have been complaining about the same issue. Hoping that with the next release, this problem should not be happening.

  • We're having this issue with all of our SSO users as well. Very frustrating and we're losing productivity when the tab(s) we're working on log out and we have to log back in and start over finding our tab's again. This wasn't a good update and not at all helpful.