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Whenever we are running an action from cloud works, this is making other models in the workspace slow and makes it not available for users.

Could you please let me the possible reasons?


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  • JaredDolich
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    @Badam Possibly it's not Cloudworks but the API to import data. Anytime you use an import/export action you are using the APIs; thus, Cloudworks, Excel, Python, C#, even Anaplan Connect use the same method. Granted, every integration tool will have its overhead but they typically don't interfere with Anaplan's calculation engine until the API is invoked.

    Some resolution ideas:

    • Separate the data hub (data integration) from the applications into different workspaces
    • Ensure the file size of the import is a manageable size.
    • Make sure you're using an import module that has NO formulas in it. You don't want the calculation engine recalculating constantly
    • Lastly, make sure your import isn't generating exceptions/errors this will force the logging to be turned on.

  • As @JaredDolich is suggesting it is not cloudworks itself causing this but probably the apis.

    I had never had such an issue contaminating others models performance and even accessibility !

    We raised a ticket once to support about importing a model into a workspace making other models running "busy"...

    So you should probably raise this issue to the support as one model running shouldnt impact other model performances.

    I d be interested to have feedbacks on that in the idea exchange if that would be the case !

  • Smeekins

    I have had a few support tickets opened up around cloudworks. We have seen Cloudworks Actions hang…and it takes 24 hours for them to clear. But to the point, I was told that Cloudworks does some more detailed logging and that is why they run slower and perhaps could be taxing resources otherwise used by the models. For the most part, we leverage Apache Airflow and hit the API's rather than use Cloudworks.

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