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of what I know, it's not yet possible in Anaplan to set multiple Roles to a single User within a model. This would be a very useful enhancement, since it's very often asked from customers.

User A —> Role 1

User B —> Role 2

User C —> Role 1 and Role 2

In this moment the workaround is to create a different Role for User C which is Role 3, but this requires a configuration of objects security and mainteinance.

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  • golosov
    edited May 17

    Hi @JoanaNdreu,

    But you still have to configure role 1 and role 2. I think this merging will degrade security, because instead of thoughtfully creating a role on demand, you are giving the user excessive rights. You could just go with Full Access.
    In my opinion, it would be more convenient to be able to import from a file when configuring roles. Then you can quickly merge the settings of two roles, making sure they are sufficient and not redundant.

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