Is it possible to prevent Copy / Paste into a line item with a dependent dropdown?


Recently during testing, we learned that despite the dependent dropdown setting, users are still able to copy / paste data into the line item as long as it is a member of the list. Is there a way to prevent users from doing this? Risk is that we are using the input as the basis for mapping and we do not want data to be mapped to the wrong list.

I saw a similar post but it doesn't provide a resolution / workaround.


  • @carlossyquia - We cannot restrict the copy paste for the dependent dropdown, however we can make a Boolean formatted valid check that will be true only if the copy paste values are valid.

    For Mapping, We can make a line item named as Final Mapping that should return value only if Boolean is returning true.

  • Dikshant

    Copying and pasting over dependent dropdowns is a known issue/behavior. Our solution is to show an Error Message line item to inform users of an invalid combination, accompanied by conditional formatting to highlight the column as red.

  • HI @PulkitChawla and @Dikshant , thank you for the feedback.

    client ended up preferring to have the Final Mapping field with the Boolean. Thank you for the help!

  • @carlossyquia - Glad to hear !!