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We have one core model with multiple deployed models and so when we create a Cloudworks process, it's one by model deployed. When we add these Cloudworks process in a NUX page, either we put them all in one page and so the user will have to launch the one linked with its model or we create one page by model and it becomes difficult to maintain the pages.

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Either it impacts our page builder to maintain the page or the users see multiple cloudworks in their page which are not relevant

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An idea to solve this problem would be that if a cloudworks process is not linked with the model of the page, it is not displayed

Here is how two cloudworks process linked with two different models are displayed:

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  • samantha20
    edited June 25

    I advise implementing a filtering mechanism in the NUX platform that ensures only Cloudworks processes linked to the current Wordle Unlimited model of the page are displayed. This approach enhances user experience by displaying only relevant processes and simplifies page maintenance for builders.

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