Integration - Constraints on Data Volumes/Frequencies


Are there materials regarding constraints around data volumes and load frequencies for the various Anaplan Integration options?

Any user feedback or limitations that you have seen?

Thank you

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  • NandishPandya
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    Hey @rrist
    Here are a couple of previous post that answers this question.

    The Post by Abhay has the best answer here.

    For the Load frequencies, They would be dependent on the size of the data + the actual run time of the action with which data is being imported into the model. Although frequencies can be pretty close (triggering every hour and even lower by leveraging multiple processes). Each data load as it scales up, will have an impact on the model performance. Locking up the model for other users in the work space for an extended period of time while the action finishes running.

    As per limitations on the data volumes I have seen, I have encountered a few "Maximum-file size reached errors" a few times on certain CW integrations that bring in data from GCP. This error was frequent when our source file had more than 2,35,76,534 rows being imported.
    There is also a limitation on CW error logs that are being generated being limited to 50k rows/errors, while the total rows having the error have been 50k+.