Transferring data between Workspaces


I’ve heard that some customers have several WSs to utilize over 130 GB.

How do they connect to each WS and transfer some data from one WS to others?

I've noticed that I need to use Action menu,  but I don't know detail procedures.


Thank you

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  • ChrisWeiss
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    Hi Mick,


    You're right, multiple workspaces can be used for customers with more than 130GB of storage.  You would use Import Actions to pull in data from a model in one workspace to a model in another.  Here's the link to how Import Actions work and how to set them up:


    Hope that helps get you started, happy to provide more details if you have additional questions!



  • Mick

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your information.

    I've checked the community link and have an additional question.

    Do I need to use Boomi like a third-party Data integration tool?

    If I use Anaplan connect, can I transfer to other WSs?


    Best wishes,


  • Hi ****,


    You don't need to use a third-party integration tool, though those tools help if you want to schedule/automate the transfer of data across workspaces, especially as part of a strong enterprise-grade ecosystem.


    Anaplan Connect is definitely an option (which you can also set up with a local scheduler for automation).  You would just point Anaplan Connect to the Import Action, or Process Action which may be better suited for this particular case, in order to transfer the data.  


    Let me know if you'd like more details on any of that, hope that helps!


  • pbenz

    Hi Chris,


    The link that is posted in your reply is broken and provides a not found error when clicked.  Is there an updated link to documentation that could provide an overview of how to import data across Workspaces?





  • Here is an updated Anapedia article that contains detail on how to import data from other workspaces and models: