Hub Model Hierarchy Management (305)


This class gives the Anaplanner the fundamental steps to automate a hierarchy load from a Hub model to a downstream model.  This training is intended for Anaplanners wanting to automate loading hierarchies/lists.  You should have a good understanding of modules, views, actions, and processes before taking this training.

After completing this learning you will:

  • Understand the architecture of hierarchy management from a Hub model
  • Utilize best practices in this process
  • Use the Anaplan Connect Wizard to import data from an outside source into Anaplan

This class will take approximately 20-21 minutes to complete.  

Launch Training

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  • Hi Bob,


    I have difficulties in playign this video for 305: Hub Model Hierarchy Management. Sound does not come through my laptop but video keeps running. Also, when I maximise the it, it stops playing and does not even play when I play it again. May be some issues with my laptop. But is it possible that I could get a Vimeo link for this course? 



    Shashi Shankar