Tenant Admin Access for Partners




My client recently enabled the Tenant Admin functionality, and when I asked the client to test out granting and revoking permissions to my user, I was not on ths users list as well as other partners that have helped to build in their workspace.


I am an active user and currently have Workspace Admin access to their workspace. Is there any reason why, as a partner, I would not show up in their user list via the https://administration.anaplan.com URL?



Dan Fleming

Best Answer

  • dan.fleming

    Update from Anaplan Support:  


    You can only be set to a Tenant admin on the workspace that you are set to a 'customer' of.


    By default, you are set to a customer of the first workspace your email is signed up in. If you wish to be a tenant admin of your own Partner workspace and a client/customer workspace simultaneously, use your own partner email within your own comapay's workspace and your client/customer email in their workspace to avoid losing any desired functionality in a specific workspace.