Automating User Access


Automating User Access (308)

Summary: Users can be automatically added to a model through an Import process. At the same time, you can also set their Model Role and Selective Access information automatically. This training covers what you need to know to perform this process.

Course Objectives: By the end of this class, you will:

  • Automatically add users to the system through an import
  • Set users model role and any selective access designations
  • Setup a permission module
  • Utilize saved views to optimize the import process
  • Create import actions 
  • Automate permission updates

The course will take about 11 minutes to complete.

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  • I did this training a couple months ago and them implemented a similar process for our model. In our case, we do the user set up and settings in a HUB model and then go over to the other model and import the list. For our version, I added to the what I learned in the training some enhancements allow us to select multiple items at the same level of the heirarchy. But this was a great launcing point.

  • This article is what I was looking for!

    If you have complicated permission settings or manage multiple Workspaces, I recommend that you manage Users with this method.

  • @bdeaton,


    In the above comment you mentioned that you were able to enhance this process and allow the selection of multiple items in the same level of a hierarchy. We have the same need with our user access and are struggling to figure out a solution. This video was helpful but only provides an example of selecting 1 item from the hierarchy. Do you have any additional details around how you were able to modify the process to do a multi-select?


  • NishaS


    I am also checking for multi select in one hierarchy. Is it possible? I tried delimiter but didn't work out. 



    Nisha. S