Automation of Bulk Copy


As the name suggests, we do a bulk copy of Current week' data to 'Previous week' weekly. Can this process be automated in anaplan? Inputs appreciated.


I assume this is not doable but any alternatives are highly appreciated:

-> We have this Bulk Copy option available in anaplan. Can this 'Button' be called via any other tool so that this can be automated without actually having to replicate this process manually through actions? So if this is NOT possible (which i think certainly not) ,  then do I have to replicate the functionality of bulk copy for all modules? ( as bulk copy copies data from prevoius week to current week whereever applicable) If this is the case, then how will I know what all modules gets reflected via this option?


  • Hi,


    This process can certainly be automated.


    The only question is how will you select which month is the current month.  For the example below, I used the Current Period Setting in Settings > Time, but we could use a simple selector line item.


    1. Create a copy of the destination module (or add a line item to the existing module).
    2. In the copy, in the row(s) containing the previous week's data, add a formula that pulls in all the data from the original module, but using Lag(orig,1,0).
    3. Filter the copy module to only show the period that is the current period in time settings.  I used a formula  PERIOD(START()) = PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART())
    4. Only show the level 1 rows (i.e. the rows that contain data). (not required,but makes for a cleaner process)
    5. Save the filtered copy as a view.
    6. Import the saved view into the original module
    7. Place the import into a process or button and publish it to a dasbhoard (or use an automation tool, such as Anaplan Connect or the restAPI to automat this process).
    8. The only dependency is setting the current period before the process is run.  This can be automated also.
    9. I loaded some screen shots in the attached doc.




  • Hi Paul,


    Thank you for your response.


    With this approach, Whenever new modules with versions dimention created in the model, we need to continue same activity. This is not close ended task and will be continuing forever.


    Do we have any plans from Anaplan side to create as an action for bulk copy as well like import and export to run this with the help of Ipass or anyother anaplan integration tools.


    Really appriciate your reponse on this request.




  • Hi @PaulRitner


    I've got a similar requirement where the standard bulk copy functionality is working well, however this is something only a model builder can do. I'd like contributors to run this process as well. 

    All I need to do, as a model builder, is to run it 4 times (on 4 lists).

    What I'd like to do is to provide this functionality to the end users, via dashboard. I assume that's not possible? 

    I'm trying to think which would be the easiest process if I wanted to build a custom process and then publish it into a dashboard: as it's a late requirement I might not have enough time to develop/test/deploy. I'm therefore trying to identify the best possible solution.


    My specific requirement, if it helps, is that I've got a series of modules dimensioned by, let's say, List A, B, C and D (I'm trying to simplify reality A is the parent hierarchy while B, C and D are subsets of the child level of List A). The user wants to create new members in the lists and instead of populating data in the various modules, select the source and import the data into the same modules against the selected target member.


    Any suggestion on the best strategy for this ?  


    I have the feeling this could be achievable with something similar to what you discussed on this forum ? eg new LIs to lookup source data (in my case I've got a few LIs...) and a series of importing data actions (against the select target) that would then be grouped together and published on a dashboard as a process ? I'm still trying to formulate the best approach for this.


    Any hints/clues are very welcome.