Managing frequent structural changes during development


Imagine the following scenario:

You need to make regular structural changes to a deployed model (for example, weekly changes to the switchover date). You can make these changes by setting revision tags in the development model. However, you also have a development cycle that spans the structural changes.

What do you do?

Let's start with what you don't want to do —take the model out of deployed mode, lose all the development work you have been doing, or synchronize partially developed changes. Don’t worry! Manage these things by following the procedure below.

The following diagram illustrates the procedure (for switchover):


It’s all about planning ahead. 

Before starting development activities:

    1. Make the regular structural change (e.g. switchover period) and set a revision tag to preserve this
    2. Create the next revision tag for the next structural change
    3. Repeat for as many revision tags as necessary

Remember to give enough breathing space to allow for the normal development activities and probably allow for a couple more—just in case.

Start developing:

  1. When needed, you can synchronize to the relevant revision tag without promoting the partial development changes
  2. When the development activities are ready, ensure that the correct structural setting is made (e.g. the correct switchover period), create the revision tag, and synchronize the model
  3. Repeat steps 1–3 to set up the next “batch” of revision tags to cover the development window