Export Model Map to PDF/Excel


Capability to Export Model Map from Contents page to PDF/Excel.

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  • I am very happy to see this under consideration. I currently take multiple screenshots and reconstruct the map in MS Paint to produce model visualizations for administrators. Great idea!!!!!!!!!!

  • @SRoberts  great idea, good to see that is considered for future road map. 

    I hope you do not mind that I add a tiny extra comment to your idea, and probably is already considered, but I would like to ask if would be possible to export -in addition to the possibility of exporting the entire map- only the selected modules of the model map (as shown below) so it would be easier to download and document one sub-process or part of the model at a time (since model usually grow too big to review the whole map at once).



    Also, it would be great to be able to download it as PPTX or XLSX so it would be editable after downloaded (as opposed to a PDF).





  • Hi All,

    Enabling model map export will surely be helpful. Hope we can have it released soon.


  • Expecting this to happen in upcoming app releases

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