Option to disable the model map


Description of the enhancement required:

Please provide an option to disable the model map.


An example of the enhancement:
In the Settings tab, there would be a section for User Preferences, which would allow me to turn off the Model Map.


How would it help the business process:
I never use the Model Map, but it gets in the way all the time and slows down my work. It would save my team an incredible amount of frustrating time just staring at the screen waiting for the model map to refresh. If clicked accidentally, it can cause load times of 10+ seconds.

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  • jprince

    Please add this. At larger clients, who have many modules and lists, the model map is unreadable, and crashes Anaplan. From time to time, I accidentally click on the model map instead of the settings tab, and I have to reload the page when the tab becomes unresponsive.

  • ChrisM

    The New Modeling Experience has moved the Model Map button to improve this experience.

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