Import action should not ignore Selective Access for a Workspace Administrator


Description of the enhancement required:

Workspace admin with applied selective access to only one region had affected data in other regions because selective access does not work on Workspace admins.


An example of the enhancement:
As a workspace admin if I change my profile to only have access to a specific region, and then run an import, it clears the data for all regions but imports the data for only the region I have access to. It would be better if it either
1) (ideally) both cleared the data for the region I have selected and imported the data for the region I have selected
2) or both cleared the data for all regions (overriding the security settings) and imported the data for all regions (for the region I have selected)


How would it help your business process:
We may have people working in the model that are workspace admins alongside non-workspace admins. Other people working on their list would be confused to why their data was being modified.

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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • Especially when you want to do testing of DCA, have to turn off the WA and then have it turned back on again. Very frustrating.

  • Miran

    Hi @andrewtye, are you looking to merge the two ideas? Thanks. 

  • Hi @Miran - yes because they read very similarly albeit this one is slightly more wide ranging than the other ie takes into account user role/.

  • Miran

    Hi @andrewtye, I've gone ahead and merged the ideas and kudos. 

  • Just had this issue and wondered how it had happened...

    I would like this change applied so selective access is effective on Actions.

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