No subtotal for Weeks: General time setting


Description of the enhancement required:

In the timescale settings add Total of All Periods for Weeks: General timescale

How would it help the business process:

For example, looking at the travel and tourism industry, which is highly seasonal (e.g. different destinations, hotels, and services are in demand in the summer vs winter). As such, accounting is set up around a fiscal year that reflects this nature. Inside this fiscal year there is an extremely important reporting period, "Season", which is tied to half year. A "week" is another important period, as people tend to take time off around weekends and in weekly or biweekly periods.


In Anaplan modeling each season requires quite different lists (hotels, destinations, countries to visit, etc). Less than 30% of items in these lists are common, but most are very different. Calculations can be different too. All this combined together in a single model that covers entire fiscal year creates very inefficient data structures.

There are no built-in subtotals for a "season" (26-week period of a chosen timescale). The workaround is enormous. 


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