Consequences of updating the TIme of a model on existing data ?


Hi ,


Budget for fiscal year 2018 is used in several models .


In september 2018 , we will start the budget campaign for fiscal year 2019 .


Time in the models is defined as followed :


- Current fiscal year : FY17

- Number of past years : 1

- Number of future years : 1

- Current period : Week 35 FY17


What should i change in order to be able to import the real figures from 01 to 08  2018  and to be able to let users enter datas for simulating budget 2019 ?


I don't need to keep the real figures for 2017 and the budget datas for 2018 and i would like to save as much space as possible .

What are the consequences if i change "CURRENT FISCAL YEAR" to FY2018 and current period to Week 29 FY18 ? : Will i lose the datas ( real and budget) for 2017 ?


Thanks for your advice

Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman



    Given your settings, I'm guessing you have FY16 in your model.

    If you shift to FY being FY18, then you will loose FY16, not FY17.


    Have a look at the rime ranges functionality: if you need it you can create a time range that still has a past year on put some module on it so you keep the data.


  • Hi Thanks for your reply ,


    i have updated to current FY 2018 , and i have lost 2016 but not 2017 and that is fine for me .