RANDOM() function


Function that will generate random numbers, between specified min & max values.

Excel has two functions to provide random numbers:
RAND() generates a decimal value between 0 and 1
RANDBETWEEN( x , y ) generates an integer >= x and <= y

It may be worth considering an extension to these functions such as:
RANDOM( x , y , z) where z dicatates the increment of allowable values between x and y

RANDOM() = 0.0001, ... 0.9999
RANDOM( 2 , 7 ) = 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
RANDOM( 2 , 7 , 2 ) = 2, 4, 6
RANDOM( 2 , 7 , 0.5 ) = 2.0, 2.5, ... 6.5, 7



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  • So there is one main problem with a calculation function that produces different values every time that it is used. In order to calculate efficiently Anaplan will choose to re-calculate particular cells or not according to strategies that are not in control of the customer. This means that your values will change at times that you have no control over, including every time the model is loaded.


    What would seem to make a lot more sense would be an action, where the admin would choose a data-entry line-item and when (and only when) the action is run it would fill the line-item with random numbers (according to other parameters entered when the action is created and edited).


    What do people think? Would this serve the purpose as well as a function?

  • NoahJ

    Duncan, I think your proposed solution would fill the need exactly. 
    The reason I personally am looking for random number generation within Anaplan is for creating sample data and dashboards - I want to create a dashboard proof of concept that is not just boring flat lines, but not have to go and type different numbers for all the cells. A on request random data generation tool of some sort would be perfect. I would be in support of that feature request.

  • Hello Duncan,

    For us also this new action "random" would fit our requirement, it would avoid us to have to interface a random list of numbers from an external tool each time we want to run a new calculation.

  • I definitely concur with @duncan_pearson -- @NoahJ's use case is exactly my own.

  • This would be highly beneficial in some cases. I see it has been added to back in July 2018, and now in "considered for future roadmap" state. Is there any update? 

  • @duncan_pearson how can be done technically ?

  • Tin

    Is there any update regarding this one? or is there any workaround for this in Anaplan? Any tips would be of big help. Thank you!

    Thank you.


  • Support request for this functionality. Technical solution could be to create an action that populates number-formatted line items only that runs an import that uses max/min constraints from line items. (thinking PlanIQ-esque but hopefully simpler)

  • GP

    linked (updated on) to a date or quarter could be usefull

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