Option to remove column headers in CSV export




Description of the enhancement required:
When using a grid lay-out for the export to CSV, Anaplan will also give the headers of the line items in the module. This isn't very convenient for us because SAP (where we upload the export) doesn't recognize these headers. Therefore it would be very handy to have the option to remove all the headers from the export definition. There is an option to remove most headers, but not all.



How would it help your business process:
The Anaplan CSV export has to be exported to SAP using an CSV file. Because of the characteristics of Excel (which Anaplan will replace) the format of the CSV must be the same as before. This means that I need a grid lay-out of my CSV to be able to add a line on top and I need the data to start at the second line. But Anaplan adds a line of headers in between. This means that the file can't be uploaded to SAP without making changes to the file outside of Anaplan. This is frustrating the upload process.

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