Adding a Custom Background Image for your Company's Launchpad


In order to upload a custom image for your company's launchpad, a few criteria have to be met: 1.) You have to be a WSA 2.) The picutre has to be from an HTTPS site 3.) The picture has to be formatted as .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .gif Once these criteria have been met, click on the dropdown next to your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and click 'Custom' under the background section.  Then simply paste in the URL for your image and choose the formatting type. Having trouble finding a picture from an HTTPS site?  Try using Google's Picasa to upload a photo to a new online gallery. **Note - the custom background that is applied will appear for every user.

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  • Mark_W_Shemaria
    Need a simplified set of steps to identify a https:  url for images used in Custom backgrounds
  • PrevContributor
    Hi Mark,

    I downloaded a picture I found on google and uploaded it to a new picasa account (picasa uses HTTPS).  Once you have uploaded the file, right-clicked on the image and chose 'View Image Info' (I am running on a Mac, not Windows).  It will provide you with the photo's URL which you can then paste into the custom background link in Anaplan.

  • alec_judd
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    Another website that I've been recently introduced to is which allows you to upload a picture via a file or a URL.  It also allows you to resize the image into a small, medium, or large picture.  Once you click on the size, it will open a new internet tab with the image, and you can just copy the image URL to use in Anaplan for your custom background.


  • I am using


    Just created an account and  loaded image.  Very easy to us interface compared to other sites.

  • Sachin,


    The link you shared appears to be invalid. Do you know if the website is still active or if there are any other websites that can give me a link ending with .jpg?


    Unfortunately Picasa Web Albums isn't available anymore.

  • The link is working for me.  The website is active and I am currently using several images stored there as of Feb 2019.  Note, you have to create an account.