Dynamic Cell OR Selective Access - Which should I use and how?


From a newbie to Anaplan!! - I have a situation where I have a dashboard that contains two specific columns that I want to read limit access to based on the users role. The access matrix is similar to this:

Column 1: User A - Read Only, User B - Write

Column 2: User A - Write, User B - Read Only


Would Dynamic Cell or Selective access be applicable in this situation and if so which one would I use and how would I achieve it?

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  • Hi, 


    you can use dynamic cell access for this.  Native Anaplan (selective access) will not work when the two line items are in the same module.


    As an alternative to dynamic cell access, I sometimes will create two modules that are almost clones of each other.  For example:

    • User A Input Module:  where the User B line item is a formula link to the User B Input Module... and only User A has write access
    • User B Input Module:  where the User A line item is a formula link to the User A Input module... and only User B has write access.





  • svbhagat


    Hello David,

    Thank you for the below tips on setting up these DCA modules.  I was successful in using these.


    I have a unique situation.  I've setup the selective access module with the following 4 Dimensions:  Company Group (L1), Exp Mgmt L3-AU, Exp Detail L4, Users.


    I would like to use the above module in two separate modules where the dimensions are slightly different.

    Module A Dimensions:  Company Group (L1), Exp Mgmt L3-AU, Exp Detail L4, Users.  These dimensions match the dimensions in the Selective Access Module above.  Therefore the formula is working correctly.

    Module B Dimensions:  Exp Mgmt L3-AU, Exp Detail L4, Users.  It doesn't work here because I am not bringing in the Company Group (L1) dimension.  


    Are there any other solutions to my unique scenario without having to create a separate Selective Access module where I don't bring in Company Group and recreate it?  

    In Module B - I also setup Lookup against the Exp Mgmt L3-AU but that didn't seem to work either.  


    Your help is appreciated.