As WS admin I should be able to bulk delete users from workspace



Description of the enhancement required:
Ability to remove multiple users from a workspace at once.


An example of the enhancement:
If multiple users need to be deleted from a workspace at a single time, it would be much quicker for an Admin to have an option to do it in bulk instead of selecting each individually.


A story for why you want the enhancement:
For example after each training programme we run, we need to remove a large list of users from the Training Workspace.

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  • Feel your pain! Had to delete circa 20 users today and wished it could've been done on bulk.

  • Definitely a must have - especially for larger organisations where, generally, the user list is much larger and needs to be maintained!

  • JK

    We recently changed our email domain name (we use email addresses as the id) so I had to delete all of the users in the multiple workspaces we have so over 150 users and it took me 1 hour to process it all.  A waste of my time on a long weekend!

  • I feel you all. Managing several workspaces with many models is quite hard to manually delete users one by one for each workspace. So much valuable time wasted

  • Agree. It'd be ideal to be able to use the "Delete From List Using Selection" action on the Users list. That would allow for process creation to delete every user that fits specific criteria. My specific use case is to delete any user that has been terminated in our HCM. I have the Employee Status field from the HCM and created everything to delete the user and then realized the Users list is not an option on "Delete From List Using Selection". 

  • Hi All, Echo the thoughts, this is something that would really help us. With the scale of users to manage & turnover we see month after month.

  • How is this still not possible? Currently performing my regular user deletion process and takes way too long to delete terminated users. Please make this a development priority. 

  • Rebecca
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  • Just to say, if you did want to mass delete users from models/workspaces, this now available following this weekend's release


  • good news!

  • Thank you. This is great news to manage users.

  • I would add here, that deleting lots of users at once may take some time - we have had customer deleting over 200 users in one go, so be mindful about the disruption to end users (probably best to do this out of business hours, or take the model offline)


    As a rough estimate assume 10s per user



  • @DavidSmith thanks for the heads up around time requirements and more importantly for the development here. I know that this will save me a few tedious hours every quarter of deleting users. Thank you and the team.


    What are the odds that in the future we'll be able to delete users using the "Delete from List using Selection" functionality. That way we can automate the deletion process via an action/process and the API to run when users aren't on the platform (late night, early morning, etc)? 

    I know for me most of the time when I need to delete users it's the result of a termination or role change within the company. That can be automatically identified within Anaplan every time we reload our HRIS data (we do this nightly). It would be amazing to be able to add an additional process to automatically delete users that no longer need access to the platform. I'm betting this is wishful thinking, but figured I'd throw it out there as a potential future upgrade to bulk deleting users. 


    Thanks again for the recent upgrade! 


    We did look at that, but in the interests of getting something usable out sooner, we went with a simpler approach.

    We are overhauling the whole of the user management piece next year, so it is something I will feed into the relevant team for consideration



  • Status changed to: Delivered

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