Extend 10M item limit on RANK and similar functions



Description of the enhancement required:
Raise limit on RANK function while maintaining adequate performance.


How would it help your business process: 
We've been seeing more incidents where customers are hitting the cap placed on RANK and similar functions. 

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  • The cell limit of the RANK function has been increased to 50 million cells. If more than 50 million cells are used with the RANK function, the model rolls back and a notification displays.


    The 50 million cell limit does not account for summarized values or the Time and Versions lists. This means you can use the RANK function with a line item with a Cell Count of greater than 50 million cells if there are less than 50 million nonsummarized cells.


    As the number of cells you use with the RANK function increases, so does the duration of the calculations.


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