Allow the same action to run multiple times within a single process


Description of the enhancement required:

Allow the same action to run multiple times within a single process


How would it help your business process:
There are many situations in which this would be helpful.
One example Setting a production plan based on prioritising SKUs.
i.e. The capacity of a production line is calculated before and after a particular SKU X is produced.
The capacity available for SKU X+1 is now whatever is leftover after SKU X is produced.
The capacity after each SKU is made is "copied" into "capacity available" for every SKU until all SKUs made or capacity exhausted by running the same action multiple times.
It would also allow the application of many mathematical techniques which do not currently exist in Anaplan, but can be replicated via an iterative procedure.
i.e. Multi linear regression -which is to become a key requirement of the company for an optimisation problem at BAT.


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  • Hello,


    Wondering if someone has found a workaround to this limitation?

    I have the exact same issue with my production plan


    Thank you,



  • Any workarounds or solution for this?

  • The best workaround is to create line item for each iteration if possible and "model" the movement.  We should be trying to minimise processes needing multiple actions


    However, the only other way is to create specific views of each iteration, and an action for each. These can then be combined into a process


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