Failure Log Formatting


Hi, After running an import and receiveing some errors my failute log automatically downloads as a txt file (no options to select anything else), in the past it was xls which is what i want. Do you know how to change this? Thanks Eamon

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  • aaron_overfors
    Hi Eamon,

    While there is not a way to change the format of the failure log to .xls, you can open the .txt file in excel for viewing purposes and you can also save the file as .xls or some other excel format once opening the file in excel.



  • Hi ,

    Keep an CSV file open & try exporting the error file logs , it works for me . Usually whenever you have a huge file the data get exported to a Txt file . I Hope Anaplan team will come with an Work around for this kind of request's .
  • Hi,


    When I run an import and want to save the failure log, the download has a .expo extension.

    Anyone who knows how to change this?

    This happened only recently, before the failure logs were in Excel.


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