Improve performance of list property imports

Description of the enhancement required:

To load data into Anaplan, we need to load data to a list in order to populate items. We also hold all properties of the list in modules as line items for performance reasons. To complete a data load, we need to run two different actions for every data object we bring into the model:
1. Load data into list to create items (maps only items and codes)
2. Load data into module to store properties (maps code and all properties)

We would like Anaplan to make the performance acceptable for loading to only the list, so all codes and all properties. We're working with data sets anywhere from 5,000 to 40 million rows of data.


How would it help your business process:
 his would help us because we wouldn't need to split up our integrations into multiple jobs. Right now, we are pulling in ~10 different objects, so to populate those, we need to set up 20 different data sync tasks in Informatica and run all 20 jobs.

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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Updating properties via import is at least as fast as - possibly faster than - updating line items in a module from an import. This has been the case for about a year now.

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