Lookup Function -enhance this function with adding ability to ignore module's default dimensionality


Description of the enhancement required:

Lookup Function - enhance this function with adding ability to ignore module's default dimensionality when using lookup. Pain - currently you cannot set another search argument instead of module's dimensionality, module's dimensionality is always used as lookup priority in Anaplan. Frequency of facing to this issue - 1-2 times per week we have to create a workaround to resolve this issue (which is not good architecture-wise).


How will this improve your processes:

It would save time for modelers and end-users, make for better architecture and reduce number of duplicate lists in the model (that require data maintenance).

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  • What's the catch here? I'm seeing this pop up recently in some work that I'm doing but I have other cases where I've got a lookup that seems to work fine (module is dimensioned by a list and the lookup returns a different item from that same list). This is a very unfortunate problem and it looks like it may cause us quite a bit of work to get it fixed!


    Edit: I think we've settled on why it "works" sometimes and other times does not. We often are referencing a line item with the lookup formula. If we edit the applies to of that line item to include the list in question, it seems to work just fine. We have just a few places that we need to go back into a correct. We highly agree that this needs to be corrected as it is not intuitive at all and can lead to some major problems if it is not known.

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