Block any other transactions being processed between actions in a Process



Description of the enhancement required:
We are requesting that Anaplan implement changes so that, when a process with multiple actions is run, no updates (manual data updates or configuration updates) are allowed to occur in between each action's running. This means that the process should be treated as a global action itself, rather than each item within the process being treated as individual global actions. (Global action = any action that locks down the model for other users and returns the blue box)


How would it help their business process:
Our business process requires that Anaplan processes run successfully with minimal human intervention (clicking a button). In this case, there was human intervention and user time needed to troubleshoot a process that would have run successfully if this enhancement were in place. Because it was not in place, processes that occur beyond our use of Anaplan (imports into SAP, etc.) have been delayed, which prevent us from providing timely information to critical systems.

Additionally, if we ensure that data is correct before running a process, we need to have the assurance that the data will remain correct while running a process. If a user changes data mid-process and the data change is brief enough that is does not cause this error message to occur, then we lose the assurance that the results of these actions will be accurate.

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