Sorting items by code or name in number lists

Description of the enhancement:

New items are added at the bottom of a list or at the bottom of a node when there is a Parent.


How this enhancement will improve you processes:

Re-ordering or sorting a list is a one-by-one manual operation that can be time consuming. 

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  • You can create a line item that applies only to the list you want to sort, using the formula "item(list)" and sort the module based on this column, however this has to be done in all the modules that have the list as a dimension. Having the option to directly sort the list would be much better. 

  • It would be really usefull to be able to define sort criteria at a list level, based on properties of the list, and apply it to every module using the list (unless another sort is defined at a view level)

  • Just a note on this issue. Although a little fiddly there is a workaround to do a one-off sort of list items. If you export the records, then sort them in excel. You can then go back to the list, and if you paste the records back into the insert menu (sorted) these will then re-sort in the list. 


    This works if you are not using a numbered list. 


    That said the sort functionality would be a helpful change, however I wanted to get this workaround up as it may save someone a fair whack of grunt work.




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  • Two requests firstly to be able to sort a list and then the second I would like to be able to create Sort Keys for a list and then be able to choose which of these keys I would like to use to display my list. So the natural sorting would be ascending or descending based on name however it may be that I would like to create a sort key to display items in a specific order for one type of report and in another for a different report. By being able to define different sort keys for a list (I know this is creating a list property but needs must) and then being able to define this as a sort this would achieve this aim. The default sort method would be name (ascending or descending) but another sort method could be code for instance.

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  • This would be very helpful.


  • This would be very helpful, and I would particularly like to be able to sort the Users list (as has previously been discussed elsewhere on these forums). 


    Also, as long as we're sorting lists, let's be able to do this on any column, not just alphabetical order. For example, I would like to sort by Users list by name... or by email, or by model role, or by WSA status or any of a number of things. 

    In fairy tale dream land, I would also want this sorting on multiple columns at the same time (also as has been requested in various other places for modules) -- e.g. sort ascending on name then ascending on WSA status so that I have a nice group of alphabetically organized WSAs at the top then a nice group of alphabetically sorted non-WSAs below. 

  • This would be extremely great.

  • It would be very convenient to be able to automatically re-order list items using an automatic sort (i.e. arrange list members alphabetically within a list).


    If there are many items within a list and they are disordered it is frustrating to see this follow through into a format of a line item (say one used as a selector that an end user sees). 


    With many list items it is impractical to manually rearrange them and if data is stored against those list items you can not delete and re-import, hence sorting within a list would be helpful.


    Seems like an easy win to me.

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  • Think my idea has more detail and more functionality requirements...and refers to all lists not just numbered...


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  • Is there any update on when we can expect something to be released? 

  • @jprince 

    Scheduled for the next release 😀- on 26th 


  • Big win @DavidSmith Very excited about this functionality.

  • Nice one! I know it's only a few days away but what should we be expecting in terms of options and functionality ? 

  • @Alessio_Pagliano 

    It works in a similar way to Delete from list using a Selection.  You choose a line item (text or numeric) in a module dimensioned only by the list you want to sort.

    You can then choose Ascending/Descending

    So you can create as many actions as you want with different sort criteria and add them to processes if you want to 

    Currently Admin only as Selective access for end users is tricky!



  • Thanks @DavidSmith , successfully tested and working brilliantly!

  • @DavidSmith Thanks! This is awesome, and a huge win for a few of my projects!!

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