Sorting items by code or name in number lists

Sorting items by code or name in number lists

Description of the enhancement:

New items are added at the bottom of a list or at the bottom of a node when there is a Parent.


How this enhancement will improve you processes:

Re-ordering or sorting a list is a one-by-one manual operation that can be time consuming. 

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Just a note on this issue. Although a little fiddly there is a workaround to do a one-off sort of list items. If you export the records, then sort them in excel. You can then go back to the list, and if you paste the records back into the insert menu (sorted) these will then re-sort in the list. 


This works if you are not using a numbered list. 


That said the sort functionality would be a helpful change, however I wanted to get this workaround up as it may save someone a fair whack of grunt work.