List cell "Contains" Typeahead


Description of enhancement:

List cell input typeahead to work by "contains" typed text, not "starts with" (or make this a setting in blueprint format options).

Example: The test list contained regions EMEA, APJ and NOAM. There's a list formatted line item in the module and if I type in the letter A, user wants all the 3 regions to pull up as all the regions contain the letter A . However, if you enter an A, only APJ is highlighted. This means it is pulling up values that only starts with A (In this case APJ).


How will this improve your business processes:

There are many list items in the business which might not be recognisable by the starting characters, e.g. cost centers where often finance start them with the code. This helps users who don't fully know what they're looking for exactly to locate the option they needed by searching a keyword inside the list item.

This will save a huge amount of frustration and confusion to users, who I often help as they can't find what they needed in large lists.

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