TEXT function to have the option to convert the displayed format

Description of the enhancement:

Currently using the TEXT function it will convert the underlying number. For example, if you have:

Line Item 1: Number format, set it to 5 decimals - value: 0.0000005
Line Item 2: Text format, Formula: TEXT(Line Item 1)

Result: 5-E07

Desired Result (in TEXT FORMAT): 0.0000005


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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Thank you for this enhancement.

    It would be great if this fucntion could be similar with Excel TEXT function having opportunity to choose final data format.


    TEXT(1234.567,"$#,##0.00")  => result $1,234.57

    TEXT(TODAY(),"MM/DD/YY") => result 03/14/12

    and so on.

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