Ability to delete users from a workspace using the API


Description of the enhancement required:
Allow users to be deleted from workspaces via the API


An example of the enhancement:
Using data integration tools, customer admins could remove users from a WS entirely.


How would it help their business process:
The client handles nearly all of their user provisioning through the API. However, once a user needs to be removed from a WS, the team has no option but to go into the workspace through the UI and delete them one by one.

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  • With data security being more important than ever it becomes an enormous pain every time my company needs to delete users from our workspaces and people leave the company. We use the best practice of having a user access admin dashboard which is great but one of the most important parts of that is keeping the user list clean and removing people who have left the company. It can take hours to remove 30 to 40 people from a workspace. This also makes comparing the actual provisioned users to our contract much harder than it should be because we may have a licensed provisioned but the user has no access. I have seen multiple articles referencing this and it seems like a simple thing that will make may customers lives easier.

  • Good idea @shipshap6  and something that is being considered for the roadmap here;




    @Miran  - could we please merge these requests?


    I hope we can raise the profile of this idea, the current process is very painful.

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  • Hi @CallumW


    The ideas have been merged.

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