Option to not include current period in YTD calculation but in YTG instead


Description of the enhancement required:

YTD calc should NOT include the current week and YTG should include the current week.


How would this engancement improve your processes:
I do several YOY indexes and they are all incorrect because of this. When I compare YTD this year to YTD prior year there is always extra data in the PY YTD data because I am still in the current week and there is either no data or incomplete data for the current week. It causes confusion and questions toward all Anaplan based calcs. At a minimum where to include Current Week should be selectable by an admin.

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  • Hi!

    Is there any update on this idea? It's really needed. Now we have to play around current month (select not real current month but the previous one) to solve this problem. It'd be great to have an option to include current month either to YTD or to YTG. 

  • Hi. Any update to this?

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