An NPV formula that calculates as Excel's does



To have an NPV formula function that calculates NPV exactly as Excel's period-based NPV formula does.

Current NPV formula returns results as Excel's XNPV formula does (using elapsed days instead of periods). We are in a position of having prospective customers and existing customers use workarounds in order to feel that they are capable of using Anaplan to reproduce their existing results.

This is not an issue of accuracy, rather it is an opportunity to expand our capacity in this area to accommodate a prevalent method of calculating NPV that is entrenched in current business practices. Our current "fix" appears to be spending time in building one-off NPV modules to calculate NPV in the Excel style which adds inefficiency to the sales cycle and to workspace size.

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  • Hi,


    The IRR function seems to be in a similar situation, will there be any plans to add a new formula that will completely match Excels?


    In addition, both of these functions in Excel have the capability of selecting a subset of a cashflow by choosing a range, will Anaplan add similar capability in the future? Current workarounds seems to be inefficient in both model construction and workspace size.




  • Hi, 


    Is there any update on the roadmap for this function? I see this post was last updated 3 years ago.  

  • Same question : this has been  showing on roadmap for quite a time and the financial function (npv and irr mainly for us) working on time periods with time subsets would be a great addition.

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