Email Opt-In (Marketing) Default Setting




Provide ability to choose default option for Email Opt-In when a user is added to Anaplan.

Example of enhancement:

Add a new User. They automatically default to Opt-in to marketing emails. Want to choose default setting to Opt-out.


Meet our security requirements.

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  • Good news! This has been changed as part of our  March 2018 release. By default, all users are opted-out of marketing emails and they have to choose to opt-in. 

  • Using an email address finder, for example, a user may look for email addresses by just clicking a button on the site's homepage (that can identify email addresses by name - To find email addresses in bulk or one at a time, you may use this easy-to-use application. If you know someone's email address, you may start your search there. The search results are determined by the number of email addresses that fit the search parameters.

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